The Origin

The Origin is a project under Akha Ama Coffee to enhance living quality in coffee  communities. The coffee variety, cultivation, harvesting, processing, postharvest management and coffee farmer are not less important than cup quality. The Origin also refer and aim to call a young people back to origin or their hometown to work together for better development. Therefore focusing on sustainable coffee production is always helps us connected to community values and local knowledge. More important is applying nowadays education from new generation with folk wisdom in local community make huge social impact. Establishing sustainable ways to return home for young folks are very encouraging because they are the one who replacing elder farmers or their parents. This is community based approach for local development by considering all stakeholders involvement. The primary product under this project is Single Origin coffee from all coffee farmers we work with and available now at our cafes. In 2016, Akha Ama is ready to expand The Origin project into good and promising communities in Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Maehongson province.

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